Signature Facial at Maison Lutétia Paris

A couple of weeks ago I got back to Maison Lutétia Paris to try their Signature Facial (Soin Signature). As you might probably remember, I did six sessions of MesoLED at Maison Lutétia Paris at the beginning of this year (you can read my article about this experience here) and was extremely happy with the result. So when I’ve recently came to spend a weekend in Paris I immediately contacted Maison Lutétia to try something new and took an appointment for the Signature Facial !

Facial  In Paris
Gorgeous interiors at Maison Lutétia Paris

What is the Signature Facial by Maison Lutétia Paris ? It’s a five step beauty procedure including cleansing, toning and moisturizing. The Signature Facial makes your skin glow and boosts its natural regeneration. Also, this one and a quarter of an hour beauty ritual offers you a moment of relaxation and zen in the luxurious mansion where Maison Lutétia Paris is located.

The Signature Facial starts by mechanical exfoliation called Diamond Peel. The machine used for this procedure removes and vacuums dead skin cells, dirt and excess of oil. It improves oxygenation of the skin and stimulates blood flow.

First step of the Signature Facial : Diamond Peel

The second step of the Signature Facial by Maison Lutétia is the enzyme peel. It completes the Diamond Peel leaving the skin perfectly clean and smooth. While the enzyme peel will be put on your face, your head, shoulders and hands will be massaged and modeling cream will be applied to your decollete area.

Second step of the Signature Facial at Maison Lutétia : enzyme peel & massage

Hydrating purifying mask comes next, moisturizing and nourishing the skin. It delivers intense anti-age effect, which is increased by the following LED therapy. LED lights penetrate the skin cells and stimulates collagen production.

Third step of the Signature Facial at Maison Lutétia : anti aging mask

The Signature Facial by Maison Lutétia is finished by application of the vitamin C spray, eye care, antioxydant day cream and sun screen.

The results of this facial are immediate but they continue to improve next day after treatment. My skin was hydrated and toned, but first of all it was perfectly clean! I had la bonne mine, as the French say, which means my face looked refreshed and radiant.

How often should you do the Signature Facial at Maison Lutetia Paris? At least once per month, if you want to keep the effect of glow all year long. Regularity is the key to success when it comes to skincare. I can’t wait to turn back to Maison Lutetia when I will be in Paris next time – this beauty temple is definitely one of the things I miss a lot since I had moved to the French Riviera!

You can book your appointment here:

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