Art Jewelry by Aliyana Rozi

What is your main criteria when choosing a piece of jewelry? Is it the brand, price or material? For me the most important thing is the personal touch of the artist. There’s an infinite number of beautiful jewelry in the world, but art jewelry items are always unique and exclusive. The artist gives away a piece of his talent and creativity with each creation and this is truly priceless. That’s the reason why I’d love to share with you my latest discovery, the Russian artist and jewelry designer Aliyana Rozi.

Aliyana lives in my native city Samara, on the board of the Volga River. She was born in the artistic family and very early started to create the beauty herself trying different techniques: painting, sewing, drawing… All her life Aliyana has been faithful to the art and after long years of experimentation discovered her true passion – the rough stones and their powers. Since then the artist has never stopped learning about the natural stones’ mysteries, as well as about techniques of work with this very particular material.

The jewelry created by Aliyana Rozi is the result of reuniting different elements in each single piece: the artist uses leather, fabrics, beading… Recently she has discovered lacquered miniature painting and integrated this rare technique to her creation process. The combination of textures and colors, as well as meticulous work and attention to the details make of every Aliyana’s jewelry item s piece of art.

Until now the artist had realized five collections: Aphrodite, Metamorphoses, Tsar’s Hunt, Green Noise and Duet. Each collection is inspired by history, legends and beauty of nature. Aliyana knows everything of the stones and crystals’ metaphysical properties and uses her knowledge to create the items which will become for their owners not only a fashion accessory but also a source of harmony. The energy of natural gems has been studied for centuries and Aliyana is convinced that they can heal, sooth and protect their holders.

I fell in love with Aliyana’s jewelry at the first sight and decided to wear one of her creations on my wedding. I chose a piece from her Aphrodite collection, a pearl necklace with a beautiful shell. These materials come from the sea and have organic origin. Pearls bring their owner inner wisdom and spread loving vibrations. Wearing pearls is believed to be an insurance of happy marriage. And well, besides metaphysical qualities this necklace was absolutely gorgeous and I got so many compliments about it!

As usual, a picture worth thousands of words, so I invite you to admire my wedding necklace and some other Aliyana’s creations on the photos below. You can order the jewelry by Aliyana Rozi at her website or contact her via email:

Aliyana Rozi

Tel. +7 (927) 718-54-21


Jewelry, pearls, necklace
Wearing the pearl necklace by Aliyana Rozi, Aphrodite collection
Jewelry, pearls, necklace
Close up to my necklace!
Jewelry, art, stone painting
Wearing the necklace Flying Eagle by Aliyana Rozi, Tsar’s Hunt collection
Jewelry, art, stone painting
Close up. You can see the eagle painted on the stone, the central element of this necklace. The other materials used by the artist are natural fur and beading.

Art jewelry, stones, beading
Wearing the gorgeous Sun Island necklace, with agate and aventurine stones.

Jewelry, necktie, natural stones
Exclusive Cowrie necktie with jade, moonstone and grey quartz.
Jewelry, necktie, natural stones
Styled this necktie with an elegant black and white outfit but suppose it will look perfect with a suit.
Jewelry, brooche, stone painting
Wearing a hand painted brooch created using a unique technique of lacquered miniature.

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