Perfect Stay on the Greek Islands

Until this summer the only Greek island I have ever visited was the famous Santorini. In August together with my friend Lidia, a fashion blogger from Australia, I added two new Greek islands to my travel collection: Kos and Rhodes. They’re both very picturesque with their woods and mountains, sand beaches and rocks.

The success of our trip was, in a big part, due to the marvelous hotels Casa Cook which became our home on Kos and Rhodes. They’re a part of the group of family hotels united by the signature style which reflects the spirit of the brand. Anyway each hotel has its individuality, so it was particularly interesting for us to compare two Casa Cooks on the different islands.

What do you imagine when someone is talking of a “luxury hotel”? Probably a palace full of ancient furniture and Persian rags? Actually in the contemporary world the notion of luxury has considerably changed. We don’t want to feel enclosed in a golden cage anymore, we appreciate experiences more than things and look for authenticity during our travels. Pure and clean style, natural materials and harmony with the nature became the priorities of the new generation of travelers. Casa Cook Hotels are quintessence of this new contemporary concept of luxury.

Stop N°1: Kos

Built on the wild coast, between the azur waves and whitish dunes, the hotel Casa Cook Kos seems a part of the natural landscape, like a village of the local fishers. Tiny white houses, palm trees, stone stairs… The place is peaceful and relaxing, stylishly simple but equipped with the most advanced and high quality facilities: a large swimming pool, beautiful lounge, bar, spa, gym… A narrow path twisting among the dunes leads to the private beach. Free puddle boards are available to those who prefers active rest, for the others there’re sun beds and umbrellas.

The restaurant at Casa Cook Kos deserves a special mention: we loved it so much that didn’t eat anywhere else except the hotel. Breakfasts were just epic, with traditional Greek products such as fresh goat cheese, olives, honey and greek yogurt, fruits and all kinds of home-made pastries. Dinner menu included daily catch fish and seafood (my favorite was grilled octopus), as well as excellent meat dishes typical for Greek cuisine. The products are super fresh and cooked in a healthy way.

The rooms’ design is minimalist, almost austere. Simplicity here is a philosophy – it helps to free your mind and rest your eyes. It hides though the ultimate comfort which you don’t see at once but discover step by step: perfect bed, natural beauty products in the bathroom, fluffy towels, a hammock on the balcony…

Casa Cook Kos offers different activities such as horse riding on the beach, yoga classes and boat trips, which we didn’t have time to do but I’m sure they’re worth to try.

Greece Kos hotel
Beautiful swimming pool at Casa Cook Kos
Greece Kos hotel
Fascinating simplicity: white walls, natural materials and a hammock on each terrace
Greece Kos hotel
The entrance to our room on the second floor
Greece Kos hotel
Open kitchen at the Casa Cook Kos restaurant
Greece Kos hotel
Healthy breakfast: salmon, eggs, olives and Greek yoghurt with seasonal fruits
Greece Kos hotel
Cute details

Stop N°2: Rhodos

It’s amazing how two hotels united by the same concept can have so much personality! After a couple of days at Casa Cook Kos, we went to Rhodos by a ferry (two and half hours trip) and checked in Casa Cook Rhodos. We immediately felt like home there.

Casa Cook Rhodos is located in the heart of the Rhodos island, among the rocky mountains. On their steep cliffs the mountain goats graze peacefully and the birds cries are the only sounds in the pure fresh air. All the buildings on the territory of hotel are not higher than one floor. Traditional white color and modern design make them look light and futuristic. Each room has a private terrace with direct access to one of the numerous swimming pools. We found this designer idea just excellent – the guests can choose if they want to enjoy the sun near the central pool, listening to the DJ’s music ans sipping the cocktails, or prefer the calmness of their private terrace.

The rooms are spacious and tastefully decorated. We stayed at the two-levels Loft Suite and had an enourmous jacuzzi on the first floor just in front of the window giving on the mountains – a truly luxurious bonus!

The beach is 15 minutes away by car but we felt so good at the hotel that spent one entire day near the swimming pool. It should be added that Casa Cook Rhodos is an Adults Only hotel, which means there’s no noise and the ambience is really relaxing. There’s also the gym, very well equipped and perfect for those who want to stay in shape during holidays.

Greece Rhodos hotel
Fantastic design: private terraces with direct access to the pool from each room!
Greece Rhodos hotel
Pinky sunset light looks amazing on the white walls!
Greece Rhodos hotel
Main pool at Casa Cook Rhodos – just look at the mountains behind!
Greece Rhodos hotel
Love the combination of the modern architecture and natural landscape
Greece Rhodos hotel
Private terrace in our suite

Greece Rhodos hotel

Greece Rhodos hotel
Main pool is the best spot to watch the sunset
Greece Rhodos hotel
Creative cocktails
Greece Rhodos hotel
Truly delicious pancakes!

Comparing Casa Cooks

Reasons to choose Casa Cook Kos:

  1. Private beach
  2. SPA center
  3. Sea view from the terrace
  4. Horse riding on the beach
  5. Free puddle boards

Reasons to choose Casa Cook Rhodos:

  1. Direct access to the swimming pool from each room
  2. Mountains view
  3. Private terraces
  4. Hiking in the mountains
  5. Pancakes for breakfast;)

If you have time, staying at the both hotels like we did is definitely the best plan. Kos and Rhodos are both beautful islands worth to be explored. The Casa Cook hotels are complimentary, so if do both of them, you will have all: the sea and mountains, spa and panckes (I’m not joking, pancakes are an important argument when choosin a hotel – and at Casa Cook Rhodos they’re delicious!:))

Find more about Casa Cook Hotels at

6 thoughts on “Perfect Stay on the Greek Islands

  1. The hotels look amazing! I love this new concept of luxury, that’s true that the ideas have changed 🙂 Would consider this place for my next holidays…


    1. Glad you love the hotels! They fantastic, indeed- perfect place to disconnect and clear up your mind. Very inspiring and relaxing!


  2. This article makes me miss Greece…. I spent a couple of weeks on Santorini this summer and dreaming to visit other islands next year. Which island would you suggest, Rhodos or Kos? I’ve heard about Rhodos but not about Kos. Arre there things to see?


    1. Glad you love the article! Rhodos is more famous than Kos, indeed. There’s the old city of Rhodos declared a World Heritage City by UNESCO, a picturesque city of Lindos and many beautiful parks and beaches. Kos is also a nice island though, with an ancient castle and walking itineraries. I think the best way is spend a part of time on each of the islands:)


  3. Very nice trip shared here, thank you Anna. Now, I know where I will go and what to book for next holidays ! Waiting for the next one…


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