Stylish spa hotel in Paris Bourgogne & Montana 

In my previous article I told you about my favorite spa hotel near Paris. But if you want to enjoy sauna, massage and beauty treatments without leaving the city, here’s a good address for you: the hotel Bourgogne & Montana in the heart of Paris, just next to the square of the Bourbon Palace in the 7th arrondissement. I discovered this place last weekend and wouldn’t exaggerate if I said that had a crush on it!

Actually it was a romantic surprise that I prepared to my boyfriend: a night at Bourgogne & Montana and dinner at the Michelin 1-star restaurant Les Fables de La Fontaine, which is just 10 minutes away from the hotel. I know that Julien adores spa and thought it would be great to feel ourselves tourists in our city, re-discover one of the most chic districts of Paris and warm up in the sauna (the best thing to do in cold autumn days). My idea was a total success!

The first thing which impressed me when we entered Bourgogne & Montana hotel was its interior design: I loved combination of azure blue and pastel pink, it looked very stylish and fresh. In fact the whole hotel looks so new and shiny that I even asked the receptionist when the last renovation was made. I thought it was a year ago or so, but she told me it was in 2014. The owners definitely take a good care of Bourgogne & Montana, it’s in perfect condition, which is not easy when the hotel is located in a historical building constructed in 1791. By the way, the history of this place is really interesting and you can learn more about it on the hotel’s website.

Our spacious Executive Room had a picturesque street view and we could even see the  Bourbon Palace on the right. When I say “spacious”, I don’t exaggerate: 23 m² in the center of Paris is a true luxury! As well as a king size bed which we had in our room 😉 High ceiling and elegant classical decor completed the image. We enjoyed an aperitif in the room and left for dinner.

A few words about the restaurant Les Fables de la Fontaine: strongly recommended! Even if the service is slow (like often in France), the ambience is very relaxing, not like in a Michelin restaurant but rather like in a simple French brasserie. Tables are close to each other, there’s no dress code and prices are more than reasonable for this quality of cuisine: the starters are around 20 Euros per portion, main dish about 30 Euros, desserts – 15 Euros (order the Coconut Soufflé – you won’t regret it!)

In the morning we had breakfast in the room (we usually opt for the room service and prefer eating in dressing gowns) and went down to the spa. The whole spa center was reserved just for us (a bonus of 45 minutes at the spa is included into the room price, you must just reserve your time) and it was great to not be disturbed by anyone else. Sauna, cold shower, green tea, then repeat – that’s my recipe how to feel refreshed and full of energy all day long.

To sum up, our stay at Bourgogne & Montana was short but very pleasant. District, interior design, spa and high quality services are distinctive features of the hotel which is a perfect spot for a weekend romantic escape or a longer stay in Paris.

Hotel Bourgogne & Montana

3, rue de Bourgogne 75007 Paris
Tel : +33 1 45 51 20 22

Interior design
Stylish hotel lobby
Our majestic king-size bed
View from our room – the National Assembly is on the right
Warm welcoming
Elegant dressing gowns
Bathroom amenities
Spa reserved just for us
For the massage lovers
Cozy corner to have green tea after sauna
Breakfast in bed
Close up of the breakfast!
Checking if the rain is over

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