Mythical Grand Pigalle Hotel 

A couple of weeks ago, together with my friend Géniale Genia we discovered the mythical Parisian hotel Le Grand Pigalle. Elegant and classy, this establishment has already gained a perfect reputation among the visitors of Paris, and we were excited to see everything with our own eyes. The room on the 4th floor offered a picturesque view on the Parisian rooftops and we could even see the merengue-looking Sacré Cœur cathedral. There was a charming little balcony, and of course we immediately decided to opt for the room service and have breakfast with a view! In the first rays of sun the city looked fresh, shiny, almost weightless… 

As a big coffee lover, I appreciated that coffee was particularly good, with creamy milk foam and soft nutty taste. For coffee addicts like Genia and me delicious coffee is a key ingredient of a perfect breakfast, but we also likes home made granola, fresh croissants and carrot cake. 

Le Grand Pigalle is totally renovated but kept its charm and retro chic. Vintage details like an old telephone or traditional crystal wine glasses create the “good old times” atmosphere. Dark wood furniture, comfortable bed, good sound isolation – everything in the hotel is thought to make you feel cozy and relaxed. Even if the area around the hotel is very lively, in Grand Pigalle you find yourself in the cocoon of calm, the city rush apart at close of the door… Perfect place for those who want to be in the heart of the capital without being disturbed by the city noise! 

If I should describe Le Grand Pigalle hotel  just with one word, it would be “sophisticated”…
Le Grand Pigalle Hôtel


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