Off-season travel to the French Riviera 

Traveling in the South of France out of season was a surprisingly great experience. In October together with my friend Lidia, Australian fashion blogger, we stayed a couple of days in a luxury resort Les Roches Rouges in Saint-Raphael and totally enjoyed the calm and relaxing off-season atmosphere. The hotel closed its doors until next … More Off-season travel to the French Riviera 

The best of Venice

Going to Venice for a romantic weekend is a classical trip. One might think it’s very touristy, lucking of originality, even banal… And all this might be true – but if you don’t follow an ordinary scenario, your trip to Venice will become one of the most beautiful travel experiences! 1. Avoid the center of … More The best of Venice

Hawaii for the wild hearts / Жизнь по-гавайски

Hawaii is a place of infinite choices. It’s up to you to decide how to spend your holidays there… Гавайи – это пещера Алладина для любителей приключений, сёрфинга и красивых закатов. После двух недель на острове, мы были готовы там остаться – настолько нам подошёл гавайский образ жизни! 

Куда я собираюсь поехать в 2017 году / My travel plans for 2017

This year has just started and we already have our vacations almost fully booked! So many travel ideas and the only problem is to find time for them…  Этот год только начался, а уже все отпуска распланированы по часам! Не так много остаётся возможностей для импровизации, но так много мест, куда хочет попасть!…