New Brand in My Wardrobe: Versatile Silk Dress by Élocin

I’ve recently read at The Guardian an article about the last Dior’s fashion show in Marrakesh which seems to be a Milestone for the brand. Maria Grazia Chiuri, the Dior’s creative director, at the preview of the show said: “Fabric is what gives fashion its attitude”. I quite agree with this – fabric can do magic and turn an ordinary item to the unique piece of clothing (or vice versa). Textile manufacturing became one of the hottest topics in fashion industry because of the ethical issues. To sum up, it’s a really important element for any fashion brand, and I was excited to discover a designer who created her fashion concept around one particular type of fabric – silk.

Élocin is the Australian brand specialized in the first-class silk goods. I’ve recently  became a happy owner of Élocin black maxi dress and was really impressed by the quality of fabric!

To be precise, the fabric used by Élocin is heavy weight silk charmeuse – fluid and soft but resistant and long lasting. For silk, the weight is one of the most important measurements to distinguish low quality fabric from high quality, because it demonstrates how much silk was used in the production of the fabric. The main problem with silk clothing is that the items are often too sheer and delicate to be worn too often. Élocin pieces made of heavy silk fabric are much more durable and can be used not only for special occasions but every day.

Élocin has a limited number of pieces in its main collection but each one of them is versatile and timeless. Minimalist style, perfect silhouette and basic colors such as black, champagne and red, make it easy to combine Élocin pieces with other items creating various looks for any occasion. The concept of the brand is that you don’t need to own too many clothes if you want to look chic and stylish – choose one high quality timeless item and you will use  it for years, training your creativity and enjoying the feeling of luxury every time you put it on. Élocin proposes silk slip dresses, camisoles and zip-up bomber jackets which will definitely become the basics (and the treasures!) of your wardrobe.

I had a chance to ask Nicole Gocs, Élocin founder and designer, a few questions about the brand. She explained me that as a big silk lover she was struggling to find high quality silk pieces in Australia and made her mission to hunt down the perfect silk fabric for her collection. She also pays much attention to the ethical aspects of the clothes’ production: each piece is designed and made in Melbourne with a focus on sustainable and ethical manufacturing. Élocin isn’t about mass-producing, so each item is made in small rounds or to order.

Minimalist herself, Nicole Gocs designs clothes for women who want to feel good inside and out when wearing her pieces. Her aim is to make people aware that they can get amazing silk wardrobe staples that will last for years and not become sheer or loose quality over time. For the next few years her goal is to be stocked in boutiques across Europe and America making Élocin internationally known. A new collection is also coming soon…

I’m delighted to become one of the first ambassadors of Élocin in Europe and would love to share with you some looks with my Élocin black maxi dress.

  1. Evening Look

The most evident way to wear a silk maxi dress is wearing it as an evening outfit. I just added red lipstick and fancy jewelry and completed the look by a leather biker jacket to give it a “rock” touch.


2. Black&white Contrast Look

Layered with a simple white T-shirt this dress becomes a comfy everyday outfit, stylish and minimalistic.

3. Casual Chic

I layered two silk items, my Elocin dress and a pastel shirt to create a casual urban look, simple but sophisticated which can be worn from morning to night.

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