New Brand in My Wardrobe: Futuristic Handbag by Vatinel

Our times are contradictory: it seems that we have too much choice but in fact we hardly have choice at all. Take fashion: when was the last time you discovered new names in fashion industry? Always same brands in our wardrobe, same shops during sales… We rarely leave our comfort zone and while having access to all kinds of information about fashion trends continue to follow familiar roads, sometimes unconsciously. I always try to avoid this situation. Isn’t it exciting to discover new talented fashion designers who are like fresh air for your closet ? Fashion is a game, an adventure, a discovery and it’s up to us to make the best of it!

So let me introduce you a young but original lady’s bag brand VATINEL of which Alexandria bag I’ve recently became a happy owner.

Created by Melina Vatinel, a French designer living in Greece, VATINEL combines timeless elegance and contemporary design. There’s a very limited number of the bag collections in VATINEL e-shop but each item is flawless. Soft restraint colors and modern silhouette make of every VATINEL bag a piece of art.

I had a chance to ask a couple of questions to Melina, in particular about the story behind the brand and its philosophy. She explained me that VATINEL was a very personal project born “on the road” during her trips all around the world. The designer wanted first of all to create a bag which she’d like to wear herself or offer her friends and she finished by developing a bag production project involving the artisans from different European countries. Part of the production is implemented in Greece, the rest is manufactured in various specialized ateliers in Europe by experienced craftsmen. The most important factor of the whole process lies in the details and Melina is proud to have found reliable partners who’s experience assures perfection of each bag.

Focusing on material durability and longevity, Melina and her team have selected the best Italian tanneries that guarantee excellent leather quality and a soft touch, as well as customized metallic elements based on refined design. I was really impressed by the high quality of my Alexandria bag when I got it in my hands after seeing the photos on the website.

Melina says that the philosophy of the VATINEL brand is based on the triptych “elegance, quality and practicality.” Its aim is to offer bags with a special design that can be worn on a daily basis, corresponding the dynamic lifestyle of a modern woman who wants to stay feminine and stylish in any situation. Melina wants her bags to have a personality, just like women who wear them, and to stand the test of time, remaining their trusted companions for years.

I chose VATINEL Alexandria bag which actually doesn’t look like a bag at all, rather like an artwork or an extraterrestrial object. I love its unique design, geometry and neutral color which allows to combine it with different outfits and integrate easily in different styles. Let me show you some of my favorite looks with Alexandria bag.

Classy Look with a Modern Touch

Alexandria bag combined with a silk pastel JOSEPH blouse, oversized LEMAIRE jacket and IRO classic pants. Perfect business look with a modern touch, elegant but creative.

Total Leather Glamourous Look

Alexandria bag is coordinated with creamy CAREL ankle boots and contrasted with the total-black total-leather clothes. Great outfit for a night out in Paris!

Geometry Inspired Look

The original form of Alexandria bag is coordinated with the geometric design of LEMAIRE blouse combined with skinny pants. The pastel colors palette accentuates the neat silhouette.


8 thoughts on “New Brand in My Wardrobe: Futuristic Handbag by Vatinel

  1. I’ve never seen a bag like this before!!! Very original design. I love small clothes firms, actually I prefer them to huge mass production brands. You can get unique articles there and don’t risk to meet anyone who wears the same bag, shoes, dress… Great photos, too!


  2. What I like most is that there is passion and mission behind this bag. With such dedications and attentions to details, I’m sure Melina will make her brand stand out in no time.


    1. Thanks for your kind words Zhanna! I’m always admire people who are able not only to imagine something new and beautiful but also create it, make their projects come true…


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