Home decorating in progress

We moved to our new flat more than six month ago and haven’t given you any news since then. It took us time to plan a design for every room, choose furniture and decor elements, find and order them. We had to think of a million of things, such as the color palette, lightening, space organization… One of three rooms is still almost empty (except a huge dressing) but some parts of the flat are ready and we’re quite proud of the result! I will share more with you, step by step.

Today I’d love to show you some decor accessories which we have added just recently, thanks to the collaboration with Desenio, a company producing posters for contemporary interiors.

I chose five framed posters: two for our living room and three for the bedroom. As for the third room, I still don’t have a clear idea of a design for it, so it was too early for choosing decor.

Usually I vote for the genuine paintings at home. My father was a professional painter, and I inherited from him a passion for realist art and impressionism. I also inherited a huge collection of his paintings which I love dearly, not only because of their aesthetic but also because they have an emotional value for me. These paintings will always decorate any home I will have during my life, but it has nothing to do with interior design, it’s a story of affection.

Without taking into consideration my father’s paintings, we felt like we needed some color accents and visual details which would make our home look more stylish, bring us good vibes and pleasant associations. Desenio’s posters came just in time for it. A huge choice and a possibility to create a project of your gallery wall online were very helpful, so we quickly made our decision and recieved the posters a week after.


In the living room, we have two wooden bookshelves above the sofa. One day they will be entirely filled with the books but at the moment there’s still some free space. On one of them we have a miniature surf van which we brought from Hawaii – it’s a good memory and also the cute object. My idea was to complete the minivan with a poster reminding of surf, waves, beach and vacations. A black and white photoPalm Trees was exactly what we were looking for! Together with the minivan this poster creates a surf-mood composition and makes us dream about our next vacation on the seaside…

Another poster which we chose for our living room is the minimalist illustrationHide, a hand-drawn sketch of a woman sitting on the floor. It was just un coup de foudre like French people say (means “love from the first sight”). This poster found its place on our vintage credenza and adds an artistic touch to the living room.

By the way, did you notice plants on the photo? We really love the way they bring freshness to the living room and we’re planning to buy more plants for the other spaces of our home. A flat with the “green islands” always looks cozier and more joyful.


Our bedroom still needs to be finalized – we’re actually waiting for the delivery of the bedside tables and looking for some shelves. But the main pieces of furniture such as the bed and the commode are already there, so we decided to give our bedroom a modern look by creating a gallery wall, one of the trendiest things in the contemporary design. It was the first gallery wall I’ve ever projected, so I wasn’t sure how to proceed but the website of Desenio proved itself very helpful. It has a special page where you can choose between different plans of the gallery wall, combine the posters, try different sizes and save the draft projects.

I chose three posters for our gallery wall, all of them somehow related to travel, surfing, vacations and nature. The biggest one, Blue Leaves on Pink No2, matches perfectly with one of our sets of bed linen decorated with tropical prints. The second poster, Woodie Station Wagon, is a vintage photo of a surf van – we’d love to go for a road trip in a van like this one day! The third and the smallest poster, Forest Mountains features a view on the foggy mountains.

The color palette of our gallery wall is composed of the pastel colors: pale blue, champagne pink and light gray. We didn’t want to make it too bright and contrast in the bedroom, and the result is exactly what we expected – some colors are added to the white walls, but without going too harsh. The bedroom should remain a peaceful place, so we are really careful about décorations.

To sum up, these little details make us feel more at home and bring us positive vibes any time we look at them. While choosing the posters I understood that the most pleasant associations for us were those related to the sea, surf and travel, so these subjects became the “guide lines” of our home decorating.

Disclaimer: This post is in partnership with Desenio, however all opinions and photos are my own.

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