Introducing The Paris Guy

Recently I’ve learned about a new tour agency in Paris, The Paris Guy, and would like to share the intel with you. This project was launched after The Roman Guy’s success in Italy and it’s based on the principles essential to assure great experience with a tour agency.

First of all, why taking a guided tour in a city? Internet offers you tons of information about any destination, so you can make a research and find hundreds of articles about any city and photos of it.

Anyway, we still take guided tours and enjoy it. Here’re few reasons:

  • Because we want to listen about places while we’re visiting them rather than read before or after the visit;
  • Because we want to be guided by someone who knows the city really well and can share insider information about it;
  • Because a guide who loves his city makes you fall in love with it as well;
  • Because it’s more fun to discover a new place in a good company.

Of course, these reasons are valuable on condition that the guide is a good one. Not only he’s a creative story-teller and remembers plenty of historical facts but he’s also someone passionate about the city and loves sharing his passion with the others. A success of excursion largely depends on the guide’s personality, so it’s really important to choose “your” guide with whom you will be on the same wave. An excursion must be not only informative, but first of all it should be a pleasure for the tourists and source of positive emotions. Lots of fun, good laugh and perfect mood are the crucial factors of success.

It was the main principle of The Roman Guy, which was started by one of its co-founder Sean Finelli who left his career on Wall Street for a life in Rome, to trace his Italian ancestors and bury himself in history books on Italy. He saw an opportunity in what already seemed to be a saturated Rome tourism market. He dreamed of creating a tour operator that would not just offer tours but would also focus on actually helping visitors plan their trip to Rome, have more fun on vacation and avoid the masses in the city. When joined by tour guide Brandon Shaw, they built The Roman Guy brand into an Italy-wide brand, offering tours, experiences and trip planning services across the country.This way of working assured quick development to The Roman Guy, so it was decided to expand the project to the other European cities.

 –  Why Paris? – I asked Brandon Show, the co-owner of the agency.

–  It’s a booming city and typically French & European. It screams Europe. A big city, although it’s a capital it hasn’t lost its identity. Paris feels very French. It’s so much fun, with all its cultural and culinary revolutions. If you’re coming to Europe then Paris is one of the top capitals of culture here and a perfect example of the French life we have all dreamt of.

I couldn’t agree more with this description of Paris. This city is like a box of treasures, and even its inhabitants like me will learn new facts and discover unknown spots with a good guide.

–  How do you select the guides?

–  After personal one-to-one interviews, recommendations from current guides and making sure their values align with ours. Experienced, energetic and colorful personalities. All authorized and reliable.

The Paris Guy starts by first three Small Group Tours already available for booking on the website

Magnificent Louvre Tour in Paris: First availability on 30th March

Paris Catacombs Tour: First availability on 1st April

Golden Versailles Palace and Garden Tour: First availability on 29 March

One of the most important things about these tours is that they allow you to skip the lines and avoid wasting your precious time. As a person who hates the queues, I find this option vital! Can you imagine that once in Barcelona I didn’t visit Sagrada Familia just because I had absolutely no time to wait in line? Next time when I turn back to this city I should be organized better …

Here’s the The Paris Guy’ contact information:


Tel: +1 (800) 264 3976


I will be glad if you find this recommendation useful, so don’t hesitate to share your experiences with The Paris Guy in the comments below.

Disclaimer: This post is in partnership with The Paris Guy, however all opinions and photos are my own.

Le Louvre, Paris
The Louvre Pyramid early in the morning
Le Louvre Paris
Gorgeous architecture of the Louvre
The Palace of Versailles
The Palace of Versailles, UNESCO World Heritage Site
The Palace of Versailles
King’s private appartments in the Palace of Versailles
The Palace of Versailles
Amazing Hall of Mirrors in the Palace of Versailles

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