My favorite spa near Paris 

Who doesn’t like spa ? A couple of hours in a good wellness center – and you feel like a new born! And if the spa is located in a beautiful place outside of the city, why not spending a couple of days there enjoying the nature and beauty treatments…

I’d love to share with you my favorite spa spot near Paris where we escape with my sweetheart when we want to have a break and spend a romantic weekend. I should say when autumn starts and the weather gets cooler, these escapes become more and more frequent… 🙂

The spa hotel Château Villiers-le-Mahieu is just 40 minutes away from Paris, situated near the village called Thoiry (which is famous by its Safari Zoo, if somebody is interested 😉 It’s a castle hotel, disposing a huge territory with the main building, a majestic medieval castle, several outhouses and even a golf camp. The atmosphere of this place is already relaxing by itself: once you arrive and turn off the car engine, you plunge into silence only broken by chirping of birds and sound of wind in the trees.

The spa center is hidden in one of the outbuildings at the bottom of the park. Inside it’s totally new and modern, even if from the outside the building looks as old as the rest of the property. The center has an indoor swimming pool, sauma, hammam, outdoor area with deckchairs in the little garden, relaxation room… Guests are also offered massages and beauty treatments but honestly we never do it, the spa being enough for total relax. After two days at Château de Villiers-le-Mahieu we always feel so refreshed and revitalized!

We love starting our day by a short but intensive workout in the hotel gym (usually it’s totally empty in the morning) and then having breakfast in the room. On holidays, we don’t refuse ourselves a little food pleasure so we just order everything from the breakfast menu: coffee and hot chocolate, scrambled eggs, yoghurt with muesli, fruit salad and of course a basket of croissants and tartines with jam! In summer, we usually book one of the rooms on the first floor which has a little table outside, so that we can have enjoy fresh air and sun.

An important detail about choosing the date for your spa escape is to call the hotel and ask if by any chance they have a wedding this day. In fact weddings are usually organized in the main building, so you won’t be disturbed by music or noise, but there’s a risk to find the spa crowded – since we prefer calm ambience, we try to avoid busy periods.

Château de Villiers-le-Mahieu is a hidden gem which we discovered only because Julien’s family lives close to this place, otherwise it’s hard to find this spot. Peaceful atmosphere, idyllic nature, medieval castle and excellent spa services – the hotel has everything to conquest the customers, and we definitely became the loyal ones;)

Château de Villiers-le-Mahieu

Rue du Centre

78770 Villiers-Le-Mahieu

Tél: +33(0)1 34 87 44 25

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